What springs do I need for this exercise?

One of the most asked questions from Pilates studio clients and studio equipment teacher trainees is “what springs do I need for this exercise?”. The short answer is of course “whatever spring best facilitates the acquisition of the exercise objectives”. However, such an answer demands an answer to a more pressing question; “what is the purpose of the exercise?”. The true answer to this question relies on much more than a keen memory of generic rationale and a convincing demeanour. Understanding the theories underpinning the methodologies used in the creation and programming of exercises is essential if the work we do is to be robust enough to stand up to scrutiny.

If you haven’t already, check out the Vlog post ‘What is the purpose of an exercise?’

In this post I will explore some fundamental principles that should help you resolve questions regarding appropriate spring selection for many popular Pilates studio equipment...

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