Online Sessions, Mentoring & Classes

In addition to online education we also offer personal sessions, mentoring and group classes for movement teaching professionals. You must register with us before booking, registration is free. Alternatively sign-up for our Professional membership which entitles you to discounts on all our services including sessions and classes.

See below for details on sessions and the classes currently available.  

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Training Sessions

LIVE Online Movement Teacher Training Sessions

These practical movement teaching sessions can be used to work through material relevant to your own personal goals or for developing practical solutions relevant to your professional offering. Sessions are typically 1:1 but duets can also be accommodated upon request. 

Non-members (once registered) and pro-members can use the appropriate links below to book .
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Mentoring Sessions

Mentoring sessions are a great way to organise and manage your own learning and professional career pathway. Helping you develop your skills, maximise your potential, and improve your effectiveness; one-to-one mentoring sessions provide individual support, feedback, and guidance for movement teaching professionals. These sessions can also be used for private bespoke education and training. 

Note: Mentoring sessions are only available to professional members.

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Group Classes for Movement Teachers

FUNctional Fridays

This is your time to get moving!

We currently run two group Zoom classes every Friday specifically for movement teachers. Come and join us for 'Efficiency Flow Form & Fun-ctionality' on the mat or reformer.

Mat 12:30-1:30pm

Reformer 1:45-2:45pm

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