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CORE Conundrums

Saturday 1st April 2023 - 10am-4pm

With so many now citing a “weak core” as a key determinant or contributing factor for almost every physical ailment or performance limitation experienced by humans (and the wider animal kingdom now too!), this workshop looks for the truth behind the claims. Delving into origins of concept and looking at how the science has been applied (or not) to real-world applications and approaches for performance and health; this workshop will help you clarify your position regarding this nebulous term, enabling you to approach the subject in a more objective and meaningful way with those you teach.

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SMART Movements Matter

Saturday 6th May 2023 10am-4pm

Time get SMART with meaningful movement choices in your classes and sessions. We are all familiar with the SMART goal mnemonic but how do we really apply this framework in practice? In this workshop we will explore achievement goal theories alongside practical real-world examples, guiding you through the process of employing this framework effectively. Psychological and physiological well-being agendas all benefit form a structured and reasoned approach. As movement teachers, using movement tasks and exercises to facilitate positive experiences and lasting changes for our clients requires objectivity, planning and forethought.

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